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Our Track Record
Sample companies we assisted as their Representative for Japan and Asia include:
An innovative suppler of products for proteomics analysis headquartered in Odense, Denmark. The company is recognized for its ability to provide a simplified proteomics workflow, including nanoflow liquid chromatography systems, columns, ion sources, and bioinformatics software, to meet the need for robust high-sensitivity liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) analysis in complex proteomics applications. Purchased by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2010.
Drug discovery company's LifeSeq Foundation which consisted of over 13,000,000 Incyte ESTs and Public domain ESTs and over 18,500 full-length genes and Proteome BioKnowledge Library which included functional annotation for over 20 species organized into 6 interconnected volumes.
Nanostream's Veloce™ micro parallel liquid chromatography (µPLC) used in conjunction with its 24-column Brio™ cartridges increases the throughput of established HPLC techniques.
Open source networking.
Greenfield Networks
Integrated circuits, hardware and software optimized for Ethernet packet processing that enables next generation Metro Ethernet services. Purchased by Cisco in 2006.
Provider of products and technologies for unified visual communicaitons over IP, 3G and emerging IMS/Next Generation networks.
Redline Networks
Real time WEB application acceleration. Purchased by Juniper Networks in 2005.
Scalable Networks
Parllalel design and analysis/modeling tool for wireless and wired networks.
Entridia Corporation
A developer of high performance packet processing and forwarding ASICs for converged optical networks.
Sphere Communications
IP telephony company purchased by NEC.
Grand Junction Networks
100Mbps Fast Ethernet switch. Purchased by Cisco Systems in 1995.
An Internet bandwidth management product.
Rapid City Communications
L2/L3 Gigabit router switch that became a core switch product line for Bay Networks, now Nortel Networks.    ^top

Sample Japanese and foreign companies we consulted include:

Asatsu DK
One of the three largest advertising companies in Japan.
Bay Networks
Network switches and routers.
Biometric signature verification/Cable TV design and management software.
Cisco Systems
Networking for the Internet.
Fore Systems
ATM LAN switch.
Medical imaging, satellite imaging and security solutions.
Innotech Corporation
A leading semiconductor trading company.
Itochu Corporation
One of Japan's biggest diversified trading companies.
Juniper Networks
Network Security Solutions.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
World leader in analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consummables and reagents.

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