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Brian Corporation, a Japanese corporation, is based in Tokyo, Japan. The company has always been in the forefront of the information technology industry. The company started from representing US companies with innovative products in the data communicating area and educating users in ATM and Ethernet switches through its seminar series to representing Internet products, advance communications products and offering business consulting services in the IT and biotechnology markets.

With the growth of Internet in Asia, the company assisted its partners in the development of B-T-B web site (Vietnam) and a social network site (Korea).

In the biotechnology area the company assisted companies such as Incyte and Nanostream expand in Japan and Asia. The list of customers included such well known Japanese pharmaceutical companies as Asahi, Chugai, Eisai, Daiichi, Kurabo, RIKEN, Sankyo, Sumitomo, Takeda and Yamanouchi.

Michael Kawai - President
Michael introduced ATM LAN technology in Japan with Fore Systems back in 1993. He was the representative for Grand Junction Networks (100 Mbps Fast Ethernet switch) for Japan and Asia where he achieved over 28% of Grand's worldwide business until Cisco purchased Grand Junction Networks for $350 million in 1995. Thereafter, a consulting position with Cisco followed for a short time.

After that, he was the representative for Rapid City Communications (L2/L3 Gigabit Ethernet switch/router) for Asia until Bay Networks purchased Rapid City Communications in 1997. After the Bay purchase (now Nortel Networks), Michael held a position of Director and General Manager of Sales Division Bay Networks Japan where he was responsible for all sales in Japan. He was also the Asia representative for Packeteer, Inc. (IP bandwidth Management products) until Packeteer opened their own subsidiary in Japan in 1998. He also assisted Atmosphere Networks, a SONET ADM provider until it was purchased by Ditech Communications.

With Redline Networks, he held a post of Director, Asia Area for four and a half years. RedlineNetworks was in the Web appliction acceleration space (layer 7 acceleration) and Michael successfully developed this market in Asia with strong distribution partners staring first in Japan and then expanded to Korea and rest of Asia. Juniper Networks purchased Redline Networks in mid-2005 and after the purchase, he consulted for Juniper Networks to spread the application acceleration concept in the Juniper world.

With Incyte, Michael was Manager of Incyte Genomics Asia Japan responsible for Japan and Asia for Incyte's LifeSeq Foundation and BioKnowledge Library products.

Our latest assignment was with Proxeon A/S in Denmark. Within a short time, Michael, as their Asia Representative established nine Asian Distributors and working with them closely, started producing results for Proxeon in spite of all the heavy competition in the nano LC market place.

Michael was Manager for New Products and Planning for Itochu Corporation's Information Division at its corporate headquarters in Tokyo for 10 years. At Itochu Corporation, he was responsible for finding new products from USA and for venture capital investments in the high-technology information industry in the USA.

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